“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”
– Martin Buber

Welcome to Macao!
At first I write this post, difficult to decide which one is right, Macao or Macau. I read from some articles, its okey to use one of it version. The English spelling is traditionally Macao (an archaic Portuguese spelling) and the modern Portuguese Macau.  So you can write with one of these styles. Macau, “Las Vegas Asia” is an autonomous region on the southern coast of China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. The mixture of Portuguese culture in Macau is very strong, seen from architecture, culture, food, and so on. Casinos and giant malls on the Cotai Strip, which join the islands of Taipa and Coloane, as centers of tourism and entertainment in Macau.

Macau Giant Panda. Photo by @DinataAyu

One of the most famous landmarks is the Macau Tower, with views of the city. If you are planning a vacation to Hong Kong, please take the time to visit Macao because of its close location (less than 1 hour by jetboat). Hong Kong and Macao offer two different characters. You will never regret it! I will also share about Hong Kong stories on the next blog post but this time I want to be nostalgic with a memorable 3-day trip in Macao. Here are 8 things you should try while visiting Macau.

4 hours flying from Kuala Lumpur to Macao. Before heading to the city, I suggest you buy a sim card first to make it easier for you to access the internet. Lots of brands are offered, but I chose Discover Hong Kong because it can also be used in Hong Kong. Don’t forget to take a tourist map in the airport information section. We chose the bus as the main transportation, the shelter is also very close to the airport, not far from the airport exit. At that time, we headed to Coloane Village (bus 21A). There are also other routes that will cross to Coloane (15, 21, 25, 26 dan 26A). The bus ticket price in Macao is 6 MOP (flat).


Heading to…. TAIPA! Our bus goes down at the shelter near the famous cake shop at Coloane Village called Lord Stow’s bakery. Don’t forget to try delicious egg tarts for 9 MOP. Then we walked to the Chapel of St. Yellow Francis Xavier was built in 1928 as a landmark in Coloane Village.

Chapel of St. Yellow Francis Xavier, Coloane. Photo by @DinataAyu


Macao Giant Panda Pavilioun is very close to Seac Pai Van Park. Entrance ticket is 10MOP. Here, you can meet 4 cute pandas and also two very active raccoons. Panda see directly is my resolutions in 2018, so was very pleased when finally able to come to Macao Giant Panda Pavilioun. You can also take pictures around the park with various ornamental plants.

Happy face.  Finally I Met You #Panda. Ma face @DinataAyu



A Ma Temple is located in São Lourenço, Macau was built since 1,488 in this Ming Dynasty era (1368-1644). This temple is the oldest temple and the first place the Portuguese landed in Macao. This Buddhist temple is mainly used as a place of worship but tourists can also enter the complex area free of charge.

Ama temple, Macao.


Mandarin’s House was once a housing complex built since 1881. You can walk about 7 minutes from A Ma temple. Mandarin’s House is open at 10am to 6pm and is free.  This building has a lot of space and rooms with ancient style wall hangings. I can say this place is like a museum, because you can learn about the history of this house and many things that are related.

New Friend from Korea


Lou Lim Ieoc Garden is a beautiful park built by a local named Lou Kao, but now the park has been managed by the government for tourist favorite tourist sites. Visitors can see large and small fish ponds, park benches, flowers and shady trees. Local residents often use this park to exercise, read books, take a walk or meet friends, chat, and so on.

The park is located in the middle of a crowded city and surrounded by tall buildings and this shop seems to be a unique point in the area of São Lázaro, Macao.

Greeny Garden. Photo by me @DinataAyu


In the past, this location was a fortress used to monitor enemy soldiers. However, currently Fortaleza De Monte is a tourist favorite location because from here we can see the city of Macao from above. This location being the “Historic Center of Macau” is close to the Ruins of St. Paul. While enjoying the fresh air, you can sit back here and also take pictures in the park around the fort, with a very beautiful view.

This view! Photo of me @DinataAyu


Ruins of St. Church Paul was first built in 1580 and then underwent reconstruction starting in 1602 due to fire. This place also returned to restoration in 1990 and 1995. We walked from Fortaleza De Monte through a neatly arranged flower garden to the Ruins of St. Paul. Arriving at this location around 4 pm and at that time very crowded tourists both from outside China and local. This is an iconic building in Macao, so don’t forget to take a picture with your best pose. Hehehe……

Just a 6-minute walk from Ruin Saint Paul you will arrive at the famous Senado Square shopping area. Senado Square was built in 1918 to once connect Praira Grande with the port. At Senado Square you can buy souvenirs, shop for fashion or food, etc.

The best angle. Ruins St. Paul. Photo @DinataAyu
Senado Square. Photo by me @DinataAyu

For those of you who like to shop, Senado Square is the right place with lots of shops with famous brands. And, for those of you who like shopping for make up, skin care or body care, I recommend that you stop by at Sasa, one of the cosmetics centers the store has spread to in Macao and Hong Kong. Cheaper guaranteed prices with lots of discounts.


The Parisian Macao and Venetian Macao are two of the most famous hotels in Macao, because of their landmarks and beautiful architecture. Locations are both close together, The Parisian Macao is located in Lote 3, Strip, SAR, China, while Venetian Macao is located in Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca (the location name is complicated yes but actually the location is just next to each other, hehehe …. Lol).

Venetian Macao. Photo by @DinataAyu
The Parisian Macao. Photo by @DinataAyu

These two hotels also have free shuttle facilities. The Parisian Macao has a miniature Eiffel tower while the Venetian Macao is connected to a mall that has its own “Venetian”, even complete with a boat and complete with typical Italian song singers.

I didn’t ask for the price of renting a boat because that night we decided to go back to the hotel, and try Tom Yam seafood at the Thai restaurant beside the hotel.

Have you another story atau recommened places in Macao? Let’s share. Comment bellow or catch me up via Instagram. See u soon in another post. Hong Kong, I’m coming!




“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain


Let’s talk about El Nido, Palawan – Philipines.

Last October I took a vacation to El Nido, a tourist destination in Puerto Princesa – Philippines. Travel smoothly from KL – Manila but I had to move to another terminal to switch the plane to Puerto Princesa. After 1 hour, we finally landed at Puerto Princesa airport. First impression about this city: I love this city. Not too crowded and many sides of the city still look old fashioned.

We rented a shuttle to El Nido for PHP600 / person. Finally after 4 hours, we arrived in Palawan, a beach area which is also very close to the hills. The front of our hotel is up a hill, whereas the back of the hotel is already waterfront. Many simple stalls near the hotel, as well as Tricycle riders (traditional vehicles) plus green hills. We stayed at a simple hotel called Sheryl May Inn in Palawan El Nido (Rizal St, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines). Price is also affordable, around IDR 250,000. Its location on the side of the road, quite clean (because I will do many activities outside the hotel, so to me this hotel is enough for me).

How beautiful El Nido!

I started to explore El Nido the next day. We chose the most recommended package: Tour A. Each tour package (A, B, C, D) has different destinations around 4-5 places in 1 package including lunch, safety vest, and you can borrow equipment diving if you want to dive.We visited several locations namely Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Corong – Corong Beach, Papaya Beach, and Shimizu Island.

Secret Lagoon – El Nido
New friend from El Nido. Rexi dan Alvin
Diving time! With Mike – Hahaha LOL. Act like a pro

I can not write much about each location, but I hope these photos represent my amazement when I visit El Nido – Palawan. If you want to try the whole package, maybe you need a 1 week stay in El Nido, closed with some other tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa.

Papaya Beach with my lil’ sister
Lunch time with new friend from “everywhere”

After 2 days at El Nido, we returned to the city center (with shuttle). We had 1 day to walk around Puerto Princesa before we flew to Manila the next day. In Puerto Princesa we stay at the Marianne Home Inn hotel. In contrast to the previous hotels in El Nido, good quality wifi in the Marianne Home Inn, probably because the location is in the city center.

Heaven on earth! #ElNido #Palawan

That night, we visited Puerto Princesa baywalk. We walked past traditional markets to make it easier for us to find Tricycle drivers. We had dinner Jollibee (Fried Chicken from Philipines) after which we headed to Baywalk with a tricycle – with GPS fixed on. Less than 10 minutes we have reached Baywalk. Many seafood restaurants with plenty of food and beverage menu offered. Here you can also taste balut (dabbled duck embryo). Balut become extreme food sold freely and can be enjoyed by anyone (as easy as we find hotdog or street food). The last night in Puerto Princesa closed with dinner again at a seafood restaurant in Baywalk. Enjoyed that time!

Interesting points from Palawan and Puerto Princesa:
1. In general, different currencies make some goods and also food cheaper. Yay!
2. El Nido became one of the favorite tourist attractions. Unfortunately there are no hotels in every island, so the only way you stay in a hotel is by the beach. Even with the beauty of the island, you can not rent an exclusive hotel. This is one way to sustain the island.
3. Lots of food choices. Street food and other delicacies.
4. Transportation is quite easy. You are easy to get Trycycle driver with affordable price here.

Dinner time at one of seafood restaurant #baywalk

So guys, Am I missed something about El Nido? You have a fun story about El Nido. Please comment below to let me know.

Next month, I will take a trip to Macau & Hong Kong. For some photos of my trip and daily life, feel free to follow my Instagram or click by hashtag #AyuChasingTheSun. Can’t wait to share my best moment with you all guys. Thank you for reading this. See you again in another stories. #BigLove








“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

– Martin Buber

Last month, finally visited Thailand. Two months before I had prepared things such as hotel, tourist sites, transportation, what foods I want to try, souvenirs, etc. I leave from Changi Airport (Singapore) to Don Mueang airport Thailand. From the airport, we took the A1 bus to Chatuchak because my hotel is not far from MRT station and Chatuchak market. Don Mueang trip – Chatuchak about 30 minutes.

Bangsue Station
Ayutthaya Station

The first day, I visited Ayutthaya city. Depart from Bangsue station to Ayutthaya station (about 1.5 hours from Bangkok Thailand). Ayutthaya has various cultural relics especially temples. We rented Songthaew, a traditional Thai vehicle with 3 wheels (and of course with the driver).

1. Wat Yai Chai Mong Khon

According to our Songthaew driver, Wat Yai Mong Khon has hundreds of buddha statues in various sizes. I do not know what the real numbers are. Inside this area there is a building where Buddhists pray, the main temple, some other buildings and a beautiful garden. You can also see sleeping Buddha statue (large enough) close to the entrance. Around the statue I saw several people praying and throwing coins.

Sleeping Buddha


Tips: You can pick up a free map at Ayutthaya Station to make your trip easier. Ayutthaya has many temples, so make the priority or the most interesting place you think.

2. Wat Phra Sri Sanphet

In this place we sat under a tree, very comfortable for a few moments. The weather was very hot that day and quite exhausting. So we sat down, enjoying the situation, listening to religious music (because at that time there was a Buddhist worship located near the temple). We also saw monks who caught my attention to take their pictures.



We rent Songthaew 800THB for 5 hours (include driver – and he is so humble). We also tasted a variety of streetfood such as Thai Tea (Thai beverage, and this is delicious!), Satay Seafood (with typical sauce), Mango Sticky Rice, Fishball, etc. What about the price? Reasonably priced. Plenty of food places on the roadside (buffet – self service) with average price 30-50 THB. If you eat in restaurant or mall  maybe can be more expensive.

3. Wat Maha That

One interesting thing about this temple is that there is a statue of “Buddha’s head in tree roots.” When we got there, many tourists took pictures in front of the trees. How about us? Too scary. * Lol

Buddha’s head in tree roots

Along the way is not as busy as the city center, and this is actually an interesting point. What about the weather? Pretty hot, so it’s good you bring a hat or glasses.

“Not too crowd” city

The average entrance ticket of various temples in Ayutthaya is 20 – 50THB per person. Visiting several places in Ayutthaya, approximately 4-5 hours is enough. In the afternoon I had to return to Bangkok (take the afternoon train) to Asiatique to find dinner.

4. Wat Po – Wat Arun (Not In Ayutthaya – center of Bangkok)

You can catch a boat across the Chao Phraya River to Wat Po and Wat Arun. When I came yesterday, I didn’t take too long in Wat Arun because there is a renovation. From the boat stop, we walked about 1 KM to Wat Po. (Actually, there is a closer route but because I am self-sustaining tour with my young sister, and we have never been to Thailand before so we walked quite far).

Golden Buddha


Entrance to Wat Po is 50THB per person including drinking water. There is one main building with golden Buddha statue. In addition, there is one location with many colorful temples on the side of the complex next to the main building.

So what I have next? Jim Thompson, Asiatique, Khaosan Road, about the food, city and transportation. Cant wait to share another stories!

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“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” – Alexander McQueen

Fashion.. Fashion… Fashion!

This March, my “best month” start from amazing event Jogja Fashion Festival 2017  (2-4 March) #JFF2017 from Plaza Ambarrukmo (one of mall in Yogyakarta – Indonesia). Their celebrate 11th anniversary and create some events (fashion – lifestyle – beauty) complete with bazaar, photo exhibition and food festival also. JFF 2017 has more than 80 designers and tenants (more than 700 outfits). Wow!

And this is hilight picture from e special for you!

Evening gown. This session I appreciate about some results, wedding gown, kebaya Indonesia (which improved by the designers), ethnique touch, and some ready to wears outfit.






This is my favorite.  😀



How about my own fashion? How about their fashion?

I can be anything. Sometimes look casual, sometimes too girly depends on what occasion. But the point is, I very glad to be part of this of this event. Fashion is what the woman’s need and going forward, fashion get some improvements start from the users (men also), the products, style, color, etc. This event gives me possibility to meet some fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, or just “fashion interest” from this city and around. Very creative! What their wearing, hair do, make “their version” OOTD and sometimes they come from 20 – 30 years old, students, entrepreneurs, and creative persons. Sometimes I thing, social media changes every things, the culture, habit, and too many things.




Designer Lenny Agustin for JFF 2017
Designer from Indonesia Ivan Gunawan for JFF 2017
Special performance Ivan, Tiwi, Naga Lyla.



We transit for one night in KL, before flying to Penang via the KLIA airport. Distance KL – Penang about an hour by plane. You can also use the bus, but the best save time. Flights from KLIA to Penang which is about Rp. 380,000 (28-30USD) for roundtrip. After landing at Penang International Airport you can choose rapid penang to get downtown in around 40 minutes. Tickets Rapid Penang 2RM 2 cents per person. I was impressed with a row of buildings in Penang. Vintage. European style. Old buildings. Georgetown just like heaven. A beautiful city, the streets are not too crowded even though on weekends, the pedestrian area is also neat and comfortable for tourists

Rapid Penang
Malabar Street
Day 1 breakfast

We got off at the bus shelter near Malabar street, breakfast at one of the roadside food stalls, and finally walked to our hotel (2 min walk). We stay in Malabar Inn because of good reviews, the price is quite cheap, clean rooms, and the hotel owner was very friendly and helpful. Other more value, Malabar Inn is close to the tourist attraction, the food stalls, the city center, and most importantly, close to the bus shelter.

Old buildings around Georgetown
Beautiful street and places at Georgetown

The first day we agreed to explore Penang (read: by walking), armed with maps and GPS. The first place we visited was the Blue Mansion Penang. This place is a museum, dominated by blue color and very ethnic. Unfortunately, there are special hours to get into the area of Blue Mansion. We canceled because we had to wait too long until the gates reopened. Finally, even though we could not get to the location, we get nice photos around Blue mansion. The day was very supportive. During a road trip we found some iconic street art. Penang consists of a diverse community of Chinese, India, and Malay. You will find many places of worship (temple) and there is also a part of town called “little india”.

In front of Blue Mansion
Old house in front of Blue mansion
Little India
China town at Georgetown, Penang

Next is EXPLANADE. The location is very close to the Penang city hall. You can enjoy the sea view very close to the city. Continue walking, we passed the shopping area “china town”. You can explore the building and the street in Georgetown by walking. Beside that, taste the various street food is something you should do. Worth it! If I had enough time to eat, eat and eat then I would suddenly fat. Try it all! If you can.

Explanade, Penang


Penang city hall so close with Explanade

I cant say much about how beautiful Georgetown. Just check all the pictures above, or  my instagram or youtube channel (but for now still available in Bahasa). Need your advices and comment, please leave your feedback below. Anyway, the second day, we visited Kek Lok Si Temple and eat Asam Laksa. I’ll share to you in my next post!


Little City But Much of Tourist Destination

Last week I visited my in-laws house. I visited several tourist attractions in Central Java. I’ll write about the review of some of the sites that I visit there.

A. Menganti Beach
Located at Desa Karangduwur, District Ayah, Kebumen, Central Java. You can see lots of boats lined up on the beach. On the other side of the beach, you will find a location that has a wonderful view. This beach has white sand and there are rocks that the main attraction of this beach.





You can sit back in the stalls close to the beach which provides a wide choice of foods and beverages. Although not many choices of main course, but snacks and coconut ice “Es Kelapa Muda” has become something special for you to try.
Entrance fee of Rp. 2,000, affordable right?


B. Logeding – Ayah Beach
This beach is located not too far from the  Menganti beach. Logending Beach also called  Aya beach. One area with Logending, you can try some interesting things here like motor boats, horses, tricyclestricycles“, and others. Around the beach area you can buy gifts or food / snacks. Entrance fee of Rp. 4000 / person and parking fee (motorcycle) Rp. 5000 (at that time I came during peak season).

C. Fort Van Der Wijck – Gombong
This fort was built in 1818 is a stronghold Indies – Netherlands. The fort is located at 4 km north Gombong, about 35 km west of capital city of Kebumen regency, Central Java.
Van Der Wijck, which may name the commander at the time, for some articles. The name of this fort is plastered on the door to the right. When entering complex in the front door you will find the location of ticket box. The admission price is Rp. 25,000 per person including swimming tickets and train tickets roof. Inside the castle you can see a picture documentation of the history of the fort.




There are so many tourist attractions that you can visit in Central Java. At least, from three locations above, I can convey that Indonesia has a wealth of natural and historical diversity. This is certainly the main attraction for tourists from home and abroad.



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Thank you. And feel free to leave comment below to give some inputs. Warmest love you all readers ….


10 Best Places You should Know

The journey gives me the opportunity to understand the experience and knowledge around the world. And the thing I always do: a comparison. I was attracted to the transport system, culture, people, food, and many beautiful places. Malaysia is one country that has great diversity, Malaysia has three categories of people, local (Malay), India, and China.

And the second thing, and no less important is: photography.

I continue to learn to produce an image that has a good composition, a beautiful moment, and certainly interesting. Sometimes I like to give ratings to my photos.

Wait! I’m not a photographer, or a professional in this field. I only use the camera feature on the mobile phone (I use two types of mobile phones “Xiaomi Mi4i” and “Oppo F1 Plus” on each photo that I post here). Checks photo collection and my daily activities via instagram.

And here’s 10 best photo caught my attention during in Malaysia. I hope you also have the same opinion. Alternatively, you can leave a comment below and let me know your opinion about Malaysia.





















Honestly, the pictures above without using any filter. I’m not using any photo editing app. So, which one favorite photo?